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Meditation Series


 Meditation lessons that integrate mental health tools and techniques with eternal truths found in Scripture. Working each session will condition the mind to stay focused until the task is DONE!

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Overcoming Anxiety

Put worry and anxiety BEHIND YOU! Experience meditation strategies that will empower you and change the way you see and approach life's problems.

Defeating Depression

Did you know Scriptures has a lot to say about depression and how to defeat it? Learn DAY 1 techniques that will lift your spirits and move you forward!

Relationship Builder

Courses that provide time tested strategies that prepare or repairs your relationship to LAST A LIFETIME. 

Marriage Rescue 911

Immediate practical strategies to correct a marriage that's gone off course. Multiple difficulties that are common to marriage is addressed to keep your marriage thriving.

Marriage On PURPOSE

Pre-marital course that preps you and your partner for marriage realities and the tools to make your marital relationship INVINCIBLE!


The courses offered are NOT a substitute for therapy with a licensed and qualified professional. If you are in danger of harming yourself or others, please seek help IMMEDIATELY by calling the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 911 for assistance.