Choose A Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook

Are you facing a difficult challenge or situation? This may be tough advice to hear, but you need to hear this.

Choose a more positive outlook on your situation. 

I know this is tough to do, especially when the situation is really bad and you feel rotten.

But putting a positive spin on it will be your better option.


Because a positive outlook will not only make you feel better. It will also allow you to make better choices.

When your outlook is negative, you activate the survival parts of the brain that seeks immediate relief, limiting your options and leaving you feeling pressured and frustrated.

When you chose a more positive outlook, you open up the parts of the brain that yield more options to address your difficult situation.

This doesn’t mean that you ignore your problems. Negative emotions are alerts that something needs to be addressed or attended to.

But once noticed, confidently face the situation, trusting in what you can do to address it, and leaving to God what you can’t.

You’ve survived and overcame challenges before. Current situations are no different.

Choose a positive outlook, even for this situation, and watch you notch another win for the team.

You GOT this!

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