Put It In Writing

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Journal Your Thoughts

"A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind any day, because a dull pencil doesn't forget."

I'm not sure where I read that quote from, but its truth is profound.

If there is some goal you wish to achieve or an accomplishment you wish to experience, write that objective down with a target date to achieve it. Writing these thoughts down takes the thought from a mere wish to an actual expectation. It increases the chances of accomplishment a hundred fold. Why? Because writing things down forces your brain to think of a path toward it's accomplishment.

Where You Focus Is Where You Go

You see, the brain is just a slave to the thoughts you meditate on. However, some thoughts are interpreted by the brain as a wish, mere entertainment. Whereas other thoughts are interpreted as a command, a must do. By writing the thoughts down, you help your brain distinguish between a wish and a must have.

Also, your stream of consciousness, which are the thoughts you entertain in your brain, shifts moment by moment. Have you ever had difficulty trying to remember a fleeting thought you had just a few minutes ago? These thoughts vanish as quickly as they come, hiding in multiple crevices of that brain of yours.

The Deeper The Imprint, The Better The Odds Of Achievement

By writing your thoughts or desires down, you accomplish two important strategies toward making them real. The first is memory. By writing these thoughts down, you help the mechanisms in your brain responsible for memory to retain what is written. The more sensory inputs you use to imprint and retain the thought, the more likely you will act on that thought.

The second is focus. What we focus on gets accomplished. By writing down what is important, you point your mind, and subsequently, your emotions and body toward what you desire to accomplish. It's amazing how many doors of opportunity you notice opening up when your mind is focused on an objective.

So write out what you wish to accomplish. And in due time you will see the items on your list being checked off one by one. A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind any day. Don’t take my word for it! Test it and see if that dull pencil can work magic in your life!


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